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by Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad


The September 11 tragedy has shifted the political pendulum worldwide to the right. President Bush, who was second-placed in popular votes and won by a Supreme Court decision in the Presidential election, preaching 'compassionate conservatism', now has the backing of most of the American people and the bipartisan Congress. In Australia, John Howard's
Liberal-National coalition swept to power in popular support over their refusal to grant asylum to the Middle East boat people. In other countries, authoritarian measures that undermine individual human rights are justified for the sake of 'national security'.

However, as we step into the 21st century, the trend has been for political parties, both left and right, to move towards the centre. While in the 80's Reagan's Reaganomics and Margaret Thatcher's liberalisation became the order
of the day as conservative parties swept into power, the result of the fallout of the masses as a result of their economic policies have propped up centr